The Fool is pure light


The Fool is cosmic light, like a ray from the sun. It's blinding and pure, like a ray from the sun. It contains all colours of the rainbow, but it has no color itself. Only pure light.

The Fool across some of my different decks

You are The Fool, and your essence is like the sun.

And just as we can look at a rainbow but we can't look directly at the sun, your spirit is the same. You can see the different manifestations of your self-identity, but you can't look directly at your true nature.

You think you know yourself, but you've never actually met yourself.

To know this is to be liberated.

To know this is to realize that all those limiting stories you tell yourself about who you are contain only a fragment of truth ... a drop in a bucket.

They can never tell the whole truth of who you are, because they cannot encompass the magnitude of your soul.

You are bigger than you ever imagined.

You are deeper than you ever imagined.

You are an ocean without a floor; a sky without a ceiling.

Empty yourself of what you think you know, and make space for what you didn't even know was out there.

Decks used (L-R): The Shuffle Tarot, The Star Tarot, Tarot of the Spirit, Asherah Tarot, RWS Centennial Edition.