Get to know me

Get to know me

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How I started my tarot journey

This sacred space is borne out of my own struggles with anxiety and feelings of not-enoughness. This whole journey started when I bought a tarot deck out of curiosity, and found myself on a path of healing and restoration.

I spent 2 years in therapy trying to learn how to find the courage to live an authentic life. Therapy taught me a lot of things, but it was never able to do that for me. I found my courage only when I began to connect with my own spirituality, thanks to tarot.

Tarot has taught me a way to step out of my head and connect with my higher self. To listen to my inner voice and trust it, even when things feel confusing AF on the outside.

My professional background

My approach to tarot, which strongly focuses on healing yourself and taking back control over your own life, is radically shaped by my teacher, Lindsay Mack. Lindsay's approach is gentle and nurturing, using tarot as a way to reclaim the parts of ourselves we've been hiding from.

I'm also studying a Master's in counseling psychology. I love learning about psychology, taking special interest in the Jungian view of life. Although I chose not to go down the route of becoming a traditional therapist, I'm interested in bringing my knowledge of psychology to my tarot practice. I want to create a sacred space for healing. 

My tarot ethics

โ˜™โ€ƒAlthough tarot does have therapeutic benefits, I do not intend for this website, or my other social media, to be a substitute for working one-on-one with a qualified therapist. Please seek professional help if you feel that you need it.

โ˜™โ€ƒI do not use tarot to predict the future or tell anyone what to do. My role is to support you in living your most authentic life through developing greater self awareness.

โ˜™โ€ƒI don't promise to fix anyone's life or heal anyone's trauma. I believe that some journeys in life must be undertaken alone. I can promise, though, to walk with you as you heal yourself, and to share what I know with you in the hopes that it will improve your life.

โ˜™โ€ƒMy approach to tarot is rooted in gentle self care. A tarot reading is an invitation to put aside self-judgement, even just for a few minutes. It's a space to practice self love and self acceptance, allowing the loud voice of the critic in our mind to take a back seat. ๐ŸŒ™

What I bring to the table

โ˜™โ€ƒa well-rounded view of spirituality, rooted in both the mystical + psychological.

โ˜™โ€ƒa deep respect of spirituality as a practice โ€“ something we have to invest time + intention in if we want to reap its fruits.

โ˜™โ€ƒan honoring of tarot as a sacred tool for long-term communication with Spirit, rather than a 'magic fixer'. 

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