Are We a Good Fit?

Are We a Good Fit?

Am I the person you want to walk with on this journey?

If you've gotten this far into my work, we probably share some similar philosophies. I'm pretty sure you're here because:

☙ you want to practice a spirituality that goes beyond feeling good for a few minutes. You want your practice to make an actual difference in your life.

☙ you believe in the soul, and believe it holds all the wisdom we need to navigate life.

☙ you want to learn how to build a healthier relationship between your mind and your soul; your ego and your intuition; your everyday life and your spiritual life.

You might be knee-deep into tarot, or you might just be curious and wanna see what it's all about. Both are welcome here. 🌻

What I Do, and How I Do It:

I'm a mental health professional + a tarot reader. I weave my experience in the two together, using the cards as a platform – a doorway into soul work.

My role is to help you reconnect with your soul, listen to your intuition, and then trust it. Because lots of us can already hear the quiet whispers of the soul, but we don't have enough faith to follow what it asks of us.

So how do I do that?

Well, it's simple: I use tarot as a guide to help you integrate your spirituality into your everyday life.

But it's also complex. It requires you to show up and do the work over and over, rather than waiting for someone to give you peace, confidence, faith, or whatever else you're searching for.

If we do not take the time to study, digest, and go as deep as we can, we will never receive the benefits of our practice  –  Solala Towler, Practicing the Tao Te Ching.

My approach goes beyond focusing on good vibes only, telling you what to do, or predicting your future.

Instead, I encourage you to reflect and contemplate on your inner + outer world, to see what these words stir up in you, how they make you feel, and what they reveal.

These words that I cannot claim as my own, that are very generously shared with me by Spirit every time I pull out a deck or sit down to write ... these words are keys that help you unlock the doors to your soul. They are sacred, meant to be consumed slowly and intentionally.

I will never claim to have answers. But I'm confident I can ask the right questions that reveal the answers within yourself.