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Nov 13
A Tarot Reading for When You Want to Run and Hide
Oct 09
When Your Inner Warrior Wants to Take a Nap
Sep 24
When Your Spirituality is Out of Balance
Sep 09
When Your Unconscious Wants to Speak to You
Aug 27
When You're Too Hard on Yourself
Aug 25
Working with Astrology as a Form of Psychology
Aug 22
I didn't want to be a tarot reader...
Aug 14
A Spiritual Approach to the Ego Mind
Jul 25
Why You *Must* Do What You Love
Jul 18
What it really means to let the Soul lead
Jul 04
Channel your energy into getting shit done
Jun 20
Decolonizing and reclaiming our identity
Jun 13
The world might be screwed, but you don't have to be...
Jun 06
Quitting on your dreams: why we do it and how to stop
May 16
I'm calling out your ego (with love 💜)
May 11
A One-Card Tarot Reading to Remind You of Your Power
May 11
2 truths to remind you intuition is greater than intellect
May 09
Your unhealthy habits are (mostly) self-created
May 05
How to build a dream that can withstand doubt
May 04
You can't always heal the mind using the mind
May 01
I had a mini breakdown... but I’m back now!
Apr 28
My simple mantra for when I’m not feeling confident
Apr 27
I think I’ve figured out how to stop my chronic procrastination
Apr 27
I’m lazy and I have poor work ethic
Apr 23
How I Practice Gratitude in a World Where my Strengths aren’t Appreciated
Apr 05
Creating your own spiritual beliefs
Mar 03
How can people appreciate your gifts if you keep them hidden away?
Feb 04
Humiliation: the fear of being seen
Jan 05
Healing is the opposite of hustle