The Chariot and the search for God

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Settle in folks, cause this is a long-ish one. But it's good! Ohhh, it's so good!

If you're interested in spirituality but are still finding your way, you'll like this post. If you're fully settled in your beliefs and are satisfied with your structure, you can probably skip this one!

The Chariot + Ace of Cups from the Asherah Tarot

We've been talking a lot about The Chariot over in my Tarot 2023 newsletter. This card symbolizes both the journey to get out there and live a big life, as well as the journey to strengthen your inner spiritual roots.

If those two sounds too different to be one, remember that "as within, so without." Grounding yourself allows you to show up in the world more openly. And showing up in the world more openly keeps you grounded and centered.

The two happen simultaneously.

The inner journey is a reflection of the outer.

The outer is a reflection of the inner.

But what does all this have to do with the Divine?

At the deepest, murkiest levels, the journey of the Charioteer is the search for spiritual connection.

Like Sarah Wheatley says in the Asherah Tarot, the Charioteer is pursuing the Ace of Cups – which symbolizes a return to our spiritual nature.

We are dynamic beings brought forth by a creative power ... whatever that means to you. Your creator could be a science wizard, an unsentient cycle of life and death, a conscious parental figure guiding your steps, or a force of pure energy.

I don't believe it matters too much what you believe in, because whatever *God* is will find you in whatever form makes sense to you.

So if we don't need to know who/what this creator is, what are we doing on this spiritual journey?

(The further down your path you get, the better answer you'll develop for yourself. But it wouldn't hurt to share mine in the meantime...)

I believe that to call yourself spiritual, you don't need to have a clear philosophy. You don't need to give yourself a label. You don't need a creed or a fancy statement about what you believe in.

All these things are nice to have. But they can also end up turning people away who believe they can't be spiritual until they have all these answers figured out.

And to that I call bullshit. 😄

It's like hide and seek, but you want to be found!

So maybe the idea isn't to 'act' spiritual – to do what we think spiritual people are supposed to do, or have heady, intellectual theories about the universe that impress our peers.

Maybe the idea is to look for God, even if you don't know exactly what you're looking for. Even if you don't have a clue in the world.

Because ultimately, the goal isn't to find God. The goal is to be found.

The goal is to wake up every day holding active curiosity about where God is, so that when she shows up in your space, babyyyy, your eyes are wide fucking open.

And you see her.

And you believe in her.

And your trust in the Divine grows.

And your confidence blooms because you see that you're an important part of a greater whole.

And you show up in the world better.

And the people around you see a difference.

And your outside reflects your inside, and your inside reflects your outside.

As above, so below. As within, so without.

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