The larger the vision, the stronger the fear 🖤

Collective readings

The Chariot and the 7 of Pents from the RWS Tarot

This is a mini excerpt from my Tarot 2023 newsletter, where I offer weekly psycho-spiritual support to shape your 2023 into a year of meaningful progress. (You don't need to read this if you're a member; the full post is already in your inbox!)

If you want a genuine shot at living your dreams, you have to make peace with discomfort.

You have to learn how to share your inner sanctuary—aka your mind + heart—with the worriers and nit-pickers in your head.

If you're expending precious energy trying to chase them away, chances are you're playing the wrong game. They might never permanently disappear — not if you're living courageously and being your authentic self.

You have a choice: make peace with the noise and move forward, or sit in place waiting for silence.

But here's the thing: if you sit at home and say you'll get started once the voices aren't so loud, be prepared to have your Chariot rusting away in the basement.

And if you think you can only be healed once your mind-critics are silent, you'll always believe you're broken.

And that feeling of brokenness will convince you that you're not ready yet.

So you'll sit back and watch others do the shit you want to do, while you try and fix yourself over and over, always getting close, but never quite getting the peace and comfort you believe you need to move forward.

The plain, uncomfortable truth is that mind-critics are here for the long haul.

Your goal is to make peace with them. To be able to sit next to them side-by-side, elbows grazing, without flinching or running away.

This post is brought to you by an exhausted mind, and a five-year search for a magical anxiety cure, which at this point I'm convinced is harder to find than the fountain of youth. Side effects of reading this include existential angst, a feeling that we're all fucked, and a desire to stay in bed and quit this whole adulting thing. Please do not think and drive.