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Allow your fire to move within you. Allow it to move you. Don't hold it back out of fear. Give yourself the right to shine the best way you can. Speak your truth without fear, even to yourself.

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Hey, Soul explorer!

This month's reading is about how to embody the elemental energy of fire. Your passions and desires can be symbolized as a flame that burns in you, gradually increasing in intensity, until you have no choice but to wake up from your unfulfilling life.

Using this metaphor of fire, this reading explores how you can best channel your energy to bring your ideas to life, and how to walk through the fire without burning your feet.

Oprah in a frenzy, running across hot coals, cheered on by Tony Robbins
Oprah coming through with that July energy

This is a long-ish reading, so please feel free to take a break in between. It's way more important to let the words digest than it is to read and finish. 💜

Knight of Wands

A woman beats a drum, which appears to be on fire. She's wild and carefree, with a horse rearing in the background
The Knight of Wands from the Light Seer's Tarot by Chris Anne

Knight of Wands – elementally known as air of fire – is a symbol of the Soul in movement. Think of a strong fire being blown in the wind and you get the idea. It's wild, unbridled passion capable of burning down anything that stands in its path (which can be good or bad, but we're focusing on the former today!)

The Knight of Wands shows up, if you're open to it, to help guide you through your journey. They are here to show you how to move through fire without getting burnt – how to submit to the transformation that's taking place within you.

They are here to invite you to humble your ego mind, to draw in real confidence from the Divine, ancient, wise part of yourself.

That last line feels especially important because that kind of confidence is exactly what all of us need to navigate this clusterfuck of a world. I'm not talking about the fake-it-till-you-make-it type of confidence; the one that lives in the ego mind, that comes from comparison– whether you're trying to be better than others or even just feel as worthy, or as valuable, or as important as them.

Instead, I'm talking specifically about the confidence that comes from being fully tapped into the highest part of yourself. From knowing that you're acting out of a desire that's bigger than you, that you're using your strengths to contribute to the world, that you're living your life as one big act of service, instead of being another cog in the wheel of a capitalist system that seeks to extract every last drop of value from us while very rarely giving anything back.

And I say all this without really defining what "act of service" means, or what it means to contribute to the world, because I don't think anyone can really define for us what that's supposed to look like. In fact, I think discovering these things for ourselves is exactly what it means to be on a spiritual journey.

Spirituality isn't about transcending or escaping the pains of the world. It's about figuring out how we can practically, tangibly contribute. How we can pour ourselves back into the world, back into the earth, back into our relationships, back into our community. It's about examining the ways in which we consume without giving back, which, frankly, is exactly what capitalism has taught us to do.  

But anyway, that was my little tangent. 🌻 Let's go back to the Knight of Wands and what they're here to illuminate for you... So as part of my work with this Knight, this specific message came through and I just had to share it (it was much longer but these were the parts that stood out the most):

"Pay attention to where you're not showing up; where you're hiding. These are the places I've come to shine a light on ... It's time to move. Don't worry about the path – I walk ahead of you. You only need to follow."

Working with the Knight of Wands

When the Knight of Wands shows up in a reading, it's an invitation to move. To go out into the world, allowing your light to shine to its fullest. And this isn't easy work. You will need to root yourself in courage, because otherwise the heat might be too much to bear.

You will need to learn how to channel energy through your body. A lot of people are bursting with passion, but never actually learned how to channel this energy from the soul, into their hands (metaphorical or real), and then how to use their hands to actually get shit done. This is the domain of the Knight of Wands. The work you do with this card is how you learn to harness the wildfire and direct it into a defined goal.

So who is the Knight of Wands, anyway?

A GIF of a dog popping out of an ancient-looking knight's helmet. Cute!

I've been talking a lot about this magical knight in shining armor who's here to totally transform your life. If you're not familiar with tarot, this is probably the point you're asking, "Okay, this Knight sounds like the shit. Where can I get me one of them?" And of course the answer to this will probably vary depending on how each person approaches tarot.

But I personally believe that tarot always reflects what's inside of us. These energies all live inside of us – some more dominant than others, and some asleep, waiting to be activated. The Knight of Wands is just one way to envision the Divine spark that lives inside of you. It's the embodiment of the energy of Soul in movement.

If you're struggling to connect with this part of yourself, a good place to start is by allowing your fire to move within you. Allow it to move you. Don't hold it back out of fear. Give yourself the right to shine the best way you can.

Speak your truth without fear, even to yourself. And more practically, develop systems that help you show up and do the work, especially if you're like me and you're not that great at managing your energy on your own.

And the final message that I got from the Knight of Wands:

"I am the part of you that has successfully navigated all the obstacles it took to get to this point. Continue to trust me. Continue to follow me."

Last words...

I truly believe that if you're reading this, if these words are resonating with you, this is a pivotal time. Stepping out into the world is a new chapter, but it's also the end of another – it's the end of playing small, of hiding, of dreaming but never actualizing, of planning but never doing. You're moving into a whole new world, dear reader.

And the Knight extends their hand to walk you through that transition. They are here to remind you that if you don't embody your light, people won't see it.

So I hope this mini reading was helpful to you. Knight of Wands is such a powerful card, showing us what's truly possible when we activate and tap into these very real energies that live inside of us all.

Allow this work to meet you wherever you are. Whether you're afraid of the fire that you know lives in your heart, and you're only now allowing yourself to feel it out.

Or whether your fire feels out of control, burning everything down – you included.

Or even if–and this is where I started with this work–the very idea of the Knight of Wands living inside you sounds absolutely foreign, and you could never imagine yourself as the wild, carefree drummer that we see in the card above.

Wherever you may be, I hope that this card walks with you through this month, filling you with Divine energy and self-assurance. Until the next time, wishing you all the hope and faith you need on your journey. 🌙